A. Introduction

- The World Economy
- Global Energy in Perspective

B. The Political Context

- Themes in Middle East Policy
- Saudi Arabia
- Iraq
- Iran
- China's Energy Quest
- India and Energy
- Brazil - The Next Oil Giant?

C. Industry and Markets

- Oil Upstream. The Role of Technology
- Oil Supply Constraints
- Global Challenges of the Super Majors
- US Refining Industry
- New Technologies
- Challenge facing the EPC Industry

D. Gas

- Global Gas and LNG Markets
- Gas in Europe: Challenges from Globalizing Markets

E. Energy Supplies

- OPEC Oil Supplies
- Non OPEC Oil Supplies
- Unconventional Oil
- Prospects for Nuclear
- Prospects for The Future Energy Mix - Renewable

F. Oil Price Volatility and Speculation

- Global Oil Demand Dynamics
- Drivers of Oil Price

G. Policies

- Review of Consumers' Energy Policies: USA, IEA, China and India
- Climate Change and Environment
- Producer Consumer Dialogue

H. Relationship between NOCs and IOCs

- New Order in NOC-IOC Relationships

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