The Oxford Energy Seminar is about the present and future environment in which important policy and investment decisions on energy are made. There are major problems which need to be solved as well as significant opportunities which may be put to great advantage. The seminar will attempt to define the main issues, to compare different perceptions about future changes in the environment, to identify the options available to governments and corporations, and to investigate the implications of alternative strategies.

The methods of study include two main instruments: the lecture, and the syndicate. Selected material will be made freely available to participants for these purposes.

The LECTURES form the backbone of the programme. They are designed to convey information in an efficient manner. However, their main purpose is to provide a framework for debate between the speaker and the participants. All lectures are therefore followed by ample time for questions and discussions, and the participants are encouraged to ask questions.

The SYNDICATES will be formed by dividing the participants into groups of ten, each group combining a wide spectrum of interests, experience and specialisation. Each syndicate will work on a project prepared by the Director and will present its findings on the final day of the seminar.

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