Comments by Previous Participants

• "I find myself talking with friends, family and co-workers about our experience at Oxford and I'm amazed at how much I learned from the lectures and the participants in the conference. I am honored to count all of you as my friends; I feel much more connected to what is happening all over the world since our time together."

• "I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate you both on a wonderful Energy Seminar. I learned a huge amount. There were a number of outstanding features; the comfortable facilities, the expert speakers, the slick organization and the delicious meals. But to my mind the most impressive aspect was the audience. Together, you assembled a delicately balanced group from all sides of the industry to create an exotic mix of geographies and expertise. The result was a truly simulating mix of ideas and perspective, which were blended expertly by your facilitation."

• "The Seminar structure is outstanding and the topics covered are very useful."

• "Variety of points of view expressed and mix of speakers from IOC/NOC and speakers from the research/academic world."

• "This seminar is one of the best that I have ever attended. Different topics, issues and subjects were covered and discussed."

• "I just wanted to round off my own Oxford Energy Seminar experience by thanking all of you for what I found to be the most international and academically interesting two weeks for at least a decade. However, the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend so much time with 60 people from 28 (I guess) nationalities was in itself something that I really value. I think I learned something valuable as a citizen of a dynamic and diverse world."

• "... this was one of the best seminars I have ever been on (and I have done several at places like Stanford, Harvard, MIT etc.). When I first saw that you wanted to pull me out of the office for 9 business days, I was skeptical (being a classic workaholic I never leave the office that long). But once on the course, I found that I was very engaged and interested throughout the entire session and I learned quite a bit."

• "Thank you very much again for two excellent weeks in Oxford. Have to say that being back at work is rather unpleasant compared to the relaxed setting in the seminar."

• "I just wanted to send you a brief note to say THANK YOU for the invite to the Energy Seminar. This is easily the best course I've attended as it was well balanced in content, participation and style. Congratulations to you for managing such a good course."

• "I would like to express my sincere congratulations to the organizers of the seminar, it was successful in all means. Special thanks to Professor Mabro, Mr. Nader and Professor Bassam. Thanks also goes to the support staff, Ms. Millar and others for their kind support, they were kind, patient and very helpful and to St. Catherine's College for their nice hospitality."

• "Thank you all for a very pleasant and rewarding time with you and the energy seminar participants. This is a short note to say that I greatly appreciated the atmosphere and the wide but relevant range of topics for discussion and distinguished guests (and participants) that all contributed to useful insights. And, of course, the network part of the seminar is highly appreciated and valued also for future energy-related projects."

• "I want to extend my sincerest appreciation for inviting me to the seminar. It was a truly amazing experience that I will never forget. You were all wonderful hosts, and I must say that you fed us all very well - with knowledge, humour, grace and food!"

• "Thank you for organizing this successful and unforgettable seminar. You form a complementary trio and a dream team. I wish you all the best."

• "As I look back on the two weeks in Oxford I think the best part of it was the engagement we had, and the discussions (both serious and not) at break times, over dinners and at the pub! Combined with the thought provoking and informative speakers I feel this was time well spent. I believe I speak for all of us when I say 'Well Done!' to Nader, Bassam, Robert, Susan and all the people who helped pull together the seminar."

• "I would like to thank you for this Seminar and the very exciting and most enjoyable time we spent together during these intense 2 weeks. It will certainly remain an incredible highlight in my professional life. Please pass my deep appreciation to Bassam, Robert and Susan."

• "Thank you for inviting me to such a wonderful seminar, I really enjoyed it. Also I made lots of friends and this networking will be useful to my business. I appreciate it and strongly recommend my company to send our staff continuously. It is very valuable Seminar."

• "Many thanks for the outstanding seminar, I came back tired but much richer - and with all the food, heavier. Really amazed how well thought through this seminar is up to the smallest details. The lineup of speakers is unique and in one word; outstanding."

• "The seminar gave me the global energy perspective and plethora of knowledge gained from discussions with the speakers and participants."

• "This event is surely unique in the industry, the level of the speakers, the diversity of the group, the quality of the participants, the dedication of the staff, etc.etc. make it, I'm totally sure, unique and unforgettable."

• "A great big thank you to everyone ... I have been thinking for a couple of days on how I could try to summarize my time in Oxford, and there is just so much. It was truly an amazing experience and I feel very fortunate that I could be a part of it. I've gained more good friends, more good memories, and more good experience than I could have imagined in a couple of weeks. Wouldn't change it for the world."

• "I'd like to add my thanks to everyone for making the last two weeks an unforgettable experience. I'll try to also remember the many words of wisdom that were shared by speakers and participants alike and put these to good use as I return to my day job."

• "I am very much inspired and overwhelmed by the friendships we have developed. The experiences will definitely continue to enrich my life - not only in terms of the amount of good food I got used to!"

• "I just wanted to say "Thank You" once again to each and every one of you for two unforgettable weeks, for sharing your insights, your experience, knowledge and expertise, as well as for all the laughs and good memories I take home with me."

• "Leaving Oxford this morning does bring back memories of having departed university years ago. For the friendship forged and lasting indeed. As others have said, the past 2 weeks do mark a very special and valuable point in my professional and personal journey."

• "Thank you all for making the past two weeks one of the best experiences of my professional life. I learned so much. But more importantly, I made good friendships with people from all over the world in one of the most prestigious colleges in the world."

• "All of us appreciated the opportunity to attend and participate in the Seminar and look forward to hearing about the Seminar's continued success."

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